New Paper Petition to the Governement Of Canada

Dear Friends
The South Bruce council is in the process of creating a hosting agreement with the NWMO to accept all of Canada's high level used fuel waste . Once the agreement is signed a By-Election will be establish to conduct a referendum to determine if the residents are willing to be a host community for the NWMO project. 
The date for the by-election is not determined but expected sometime before the end of 2024.
Protect our Waterways No Nuclear Waste has produced a paper petition in concert with the Ignace team calling upon the federal Minister of Natural Resources and Energy  to immediately direct the Nuclear Waste Management Organization to stop the siting process for their proposed deep geological repository for highly radioactive nuclear fuel waste"
The Northwest team opposing the Ignace site for a DGR are also creating a paper petition in their region .These paper petitions are mostly common to both South Bruce and the Northwest, except for the 5th "whereas" which is specific to a site  .

Please take a moment to read it and then print it out and sign in blue ink. If you know of a neighbor or friend that would also sign, please reach out to them as well. The more signatures we have, the more impact this petition will have on the Minister.

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITON and send via mail (Protect Our Waterways Box 147 Teeswater Ont. N0G 2S0 address also on bottom of petition).

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