No Nuclear Waste (POW) is dedicated to protecting the residents and businesses of South Bruce from the NWMO’s plan to impose a landfill site for all of Canada’s of high-level nuclear waste on our community.

Protect Our Waterways - No Nuclear Waste (formerly Nuclear Tanks No Thanks) is a concerned group of South Bruce citizens united in a common cause to prevent the establishment of a high level radioactive storage facility in our community known as a Deep Geological Repository (DGR). Protect Our Waterways is composed of a wide cross section of South Bruce citizens, from farmers and rural land owners to residents within the villages of Teeswater, Mildmay, Formosa, Belmore, Carlsruhe and Deemerton.


To counter the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) and its surrogate supporters which in our opinion are not fully informing the citizens of South Bruce on the potential dangers, social stigma, and downside risks of hosting this DGR facility in our community.


We are not against nuclear power. We are against the exploitation of rural communities by the NWMO. The nuclear industry has had 50 years to solve this problem and now they want You to solve it for them. Are the so-called benefits from 40 years of active operations at the dump and 1,000's of radioactive truckloads of waste bound for our community worth the expense of our sustainable agricultural industry, the stigma of being known as Canada's Nuclear Dump, and over 10's of thousands of years of highly radioactive waste at our feet?