Nuclear waste should not be buried underground in Ontario

Whereas: The Nuclear Waste Management Organization is proposing a deep geological repository to abandon spent nuclear fuel bundles underground in South Bruce, Ontario,

Whereas: the irradiated nuclear fuel removed from Canadian nuclear reactors is highly radioactive and will remain so for hundreds of thousands of years and must therefore be kept completely isolated from the environment

Whereas: there is NO operating deep geological repository (DGR) for high level radioactive spent fuel anywhere in the world, despite multiple countries having invested heavily in researching this concept over decades

Whereas: Radioactive releases during transportation, repository operation, and after repository closure may occur, and that these releases can contaminate air, water and soil; even low levels of exposures can be harmful to humans and other species. 

Whereas: The "Rolling Stewardship” approach is a more cost effective and safer solution to store nuclear waste until other options can be developed for the disposal of highly radioactive spent fuel.  

I endorse the demand of Protect Our Waterways – No Nuclear Waste that Mayor Robert Buckle and the South Bruce Municipal Council commit to hold a community vote on the DGR proposal, with a clear yes/no question, before the 2022 municipal election

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