Not far from Bure, a militant and colorful mobilization against the storage of nuclear waste

We keep going, we’ve been fighting for 30 years, it’s just one more step“, trumpeted Régine Millarakis, 71, from the collective “Bure Stop 55“, in the alleys of this militant mobilization, in Hévilliers (Meuse).

For Juliette Geoffroy, spokesperson for the Collective against the burial of radioactive waste (Cedra), this DUP even represents “a springboard” to remobilize the opponents.

Some 31 associations and collectives also intend to file “beginning of september“an appeal to the Council of State, according to Angélique Huguin, of the”Legal Front against Cigeo“which brings together activists, lawyers and jurists.

Soberly named Industrial Geological Storage Center (Cigéo), the project aims to bury some 85,000 m3 of waste – the most radioactive of the French nuclear fleet – 500 meters underground on the borders of the Meuse and Haute-Marne.

The National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management (Andra), which is piloting this project, hopes to store the first “packageof nuclear waste by 2035-2040.

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